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A rare combination

11 August 2016

Charlie - a quick note to say thanks you so much for an incredible adventure to Borneo. Renee and I (and Patti) felt so fortunate to have you as a expedition leader- what an amazing experience!!!

I rarely - make that never - write after these types of trips but I have to say that you are the Lebron James of guides here. Not only are you knowledgeable in ornithology, herpetology, botany, primates, etc., speak Malay fluently, have an engaging, outgoing personality but most important is your enthusiasm about Borneo as well as your pleasure and excitement of teaching. A rare combination. You were absolutely terrific - a gem.

Birding trip to Sabah, Kinabatangan River + Danum Valley

30 June 2016

I spent eight days of my solo birding trip to Sabah with the guys from Sticky Rice, they help me a lot wih all the bookings and transportations from one place to the other, also their prices are very competitive and reasonable. My GUIDE expertise in birds was amazing with deep knowledge of all the birds and its calls. ATTEH is a VERY VERY TALENTED birdwatcher and naturalist, he was born in a village near Kinabatangan and he lives currently in Danum Valley so both places are familiar for him and he knows well all the species of animals from each place. Under my view a nature guide in Sabah is a must cause the jungle especially on the lowland is a very chagenging environment to spot wildlife. Regarding the sites: KINABATANGAN ECO CAMP is a camp near the river, its managed by a comunity based cooperative the camp is very basic without electricity or water supplie but at the same time deeeeply conected to nature, otters play and run near your breakfast table. They are very concious about deforestation and they run a long term reforestation program around the river edges. Definetly worth staying for one or two nights. DANUM VALLEY does not need to be described its the SITE in Sabah for wildlife, ioncredible example of primary lowland dipterocarp forest. Clasic destination for wildlife but again chagenging to spot it so a guide I belive is mandatory.

Excellent travel agent that went the extra mile for us

22 June 2016

We were absolutely delighted with Sticky Rice, from the help they gave us when we were planning things, through to the end of the trip they organised for us. Their suggestions about what we could include in our itinerary were excellent, everything worked like clockwork and there were no problems. Our driver, Eddie was very safe and skilful and we arrived in good time at all our destinations. We stayed at 2 locations, both extremely good in their different ways (one on the Kinabatandan river and the other at Danum valley). Our guides (Dean and Mike) were both terrific and good to spend time with. They ensured that we saw a wonderful selection of animals and birds and learnt a great deal about the flora and fauna of the area. It was a fantastic trip – just thinking about it makes me feel elated. Thank you Sticky Rice.

Made Danum Valley easy and amazing

1 June 2016

iN A NUTSHELL - Fantastic tour guides and staff, reasonably priced and amazing destination. Danum Valley can be a hassle to get into (believe me, I got turned away when I first tried) and even if you do get in, you cannot just wander around the rainforest by yourself; many of the onsite guides are busy with the scientists. The knowledgeable and friendly staff and guides of Sticky Rice sorted everything out for us - food, accomodation and many amazing hikes and tours of the beautiful rainforest. Ensure you do as many night hikes as you can, the keen eyes of our guide spotted two wild tarsiers! One of the best wildlife experiences I've ever had 10/10

Seamless experience with a great guide

25 May 2016

We booked our 3 day trip to the Danum valley field centre with sticky rice travel. It was perfect and bedley was the best guide. Danum valley is hard to reach and sticky rice travel sorted everything, definitely recommend for all your excursions in Borneo!

The Real Sabah

25 May 2016

Sticky Rice provided exceptional service to help us see fantastic birds and wildlife while in Sabah. Their owners and staff are friendly and committed to helping others experience the natural world. They made for a most memorable experience.

You will find none as good as these folks

24 May 2016

Literally on a trip around the world and traveling for 40 plus years, I have never found a better qualified,prepared, and warm group of folks. I unfortunately do not have the verbal skills to adequately express how great they are.Oh yes, and their prices are very competitive.


23 May 2016

My boyfriend and I have recently returned from a trip to Danum Valley Field Center lead by Sticky Rice. We had a fantastic time and would highly recommend them. The advisors were very helpful with all my questions during booking and our guide on-site, Mike, was very knowledgable and a good laugh. We saw lots of wildlife and had an amazing time. Definitely the best way to see the rainforest.


9 May 2016

I walked into the office of Sticky Rice in Kota Kinabalu. Great, busy, productive, kind atmosphere. Everyone turned around to say 'hi' and smiled. Got helped straight away, and all the others got back to work (helping out you guys on the net). It turned out that at such short notice with only a day or two of travel to go they would not be able to arrange anything big for a single traveller, but they checked all options, phoned several people and gave loads of advice of what to do and what companies to approach who would be able to offer the best and cheapest options for the possibilities left open. The kind person helping me was thorough, patient, kind, listened and inferred what I wanted. After a very thorough discussion and research I walked out with no money spent but a much better idea of what was possible and fun to do. Next time I will let them plan my trip beforehand! Thank you!


6 May 2016

Contacted to enquire about a bespoke cultural trip/experience. Jessica replied within hours of me sending the email, with lots and lots of really helpful information. These guys really research and thoroughly check out every tour that they offer. Another very important bonus is ethics and the environment are very important to them, so their offerings are designed to help and work with the local people, not just exploit them and their surroundings. Really great company. Will definitely be contacting them again if I get the chance to visit Borneo again.


2 May 2016

We spent a week in Borneo, visiting Danum Valley, Kinabatangan River, and Mt. Kinabalu. Our travels were arranged through Sticky Rice, which also provided the guides for the Danum Valley and river excursions. The trip was well -planned, our guides were extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and Sticky Rice was very responsive to all of our needs and concerns.

Sara L

26 April 2016

We went on a 4d3n package with a private guide to Danum Valley. Few words matches our experience but WOW! The area in itself is incredible but our lovely and highly skilled guide Mike took it to whole new levels. We owe our amazing experience to him especially but to all of the Sticky Rice team from making our reservation to the end. Such professionality and integruity was worth every penny and much much more. In DV we saw the amazing gibbons every day, the western tarsier (thanks to the cooperation between the SR guides), a glimpse of a sun bear and on and on and on... :-) Do not hesitate, just book and go!

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