FREELANCE french tour leader

Be part of the team!

Are you a  fluent French speakers, an avid nature adventurer, have you have been travelling the world or wish to grow your travel experience as a French Speaking Tour Leader with Sticky Rice Travel? Our Freelance Tour Leader is not just a tour leader, they are the person who will offer and create a unique and unforgettable experience for all our clients all in keeping focus on managing perfect logistic during each tour, they will be the essence and spirit of Sticky Rice Travel.

Role & Responsibilities

What we need…

  • Excellent written and spoken French
  • Consistent delivery of a high level of customer service and traveller satisfaction
  • Provide leadership for our travellers and be responsible for their well-being
  • Continually increase your knowledge about the visited country, its culture, religion, and current affairs
  • Maintain a valid passport and visa. It is the responsibility of the Leader to stay up to date on any travel restrictions based on his/her nationality
  • Keep vaccinations and preventive medication up to date
  • Act as day-to-day trip leader, interpreter and manager of the group with accompanying local tour guide
  • Maintain the established travel itinerary as closely as possible, making changes only when necessary.
  • Assist and accompany travellers during optional activities and meals.
  • Advise travellers on suitable restaurants, additional transport requirements, and purchase of souvenirs
  • Maintain daily expenditure accounts, retain receipts and keep expenses within the trip budget provided.
  • Provide a report for each trip, in the requested format.

Provide us with a cover letter, resume, and two previous work references when applying. This position is open to Malaysians and foreigners currently residing in Sabah. Email us at