Strategically located near the gate of Danum Valley Field Centre, INFAPRO is a tree nursery project base that is responsible for replanting areas of forest that has been logged in the past. This lesser-known cousin of DVFC is a gem waiting to be unfurled. Primates and birds aside, the forests of Sabah are also home to elusive and nocturnal wild cats, and the road networks in the surrounding areas of INFAPRO allow the opportunity for night safaris to discover some of these cats – leopard cat, marble cat, flat-headed cat and the Bornean clouded leopard. Other nocturnal wildlife such as Western tarsiers, slow loris, otter civet, and binturong also come out to play after the sun has gone down.

When not on night safari, embark on a day safari into the Danum Valley Field Center nearby for walks and trail exploration of flora and fauna, observe an orangutan, or spend time swimming by the riverbank with a backdrop of giant old-growth trees.