The Kinabatangan River is the second longest river in Malaysia and is known for its exceptional biodiversity. Consisting of five distinct habitats – waterlogged and dry forests, saline and freshwater swamps, and limestone habitats – the lower Kinabatangan has one of the most diverse concentrations of wildlife in Borneo. Expect to see proboscis monkeys, crocodiles, langurs, gibbons, many species of birds, and of course the iconic Bornean pygmy elephants and orangutans offering common appearances. A visit to the river includes dusk and dawn boat cruises, light trekking and night walks, and possible visits to forest restoration areas managed by local communities, tour operators, or conservation agencies. 

We support a myriad of operators on different parts of the river including commercial operators and community-run tourism projects. The Borneo Nature Lodge in Sukau and Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort in Abai are both commercial lodges with sensitive tourism practices. The homestays and rustic camps in Abai and Batu Puteh villages are great off-the-beaten-track cultural experiences that are entirely run by the local communities.