Caring For You In Our Own Way

BY Hannah Mohd, 21 Oct 2019

From the moment you speak with us about your wish of a Borneo trip, up to when your adventure begins, and until you move on to your next travel plan; we at Sticky Rice Travel are with you every step of the way ensuring you have the best experience possible. Our guests are of utmost importance to us as we would not be where we are without passionate and committed travelers like you. Bringing you to unique destinations and letting you discover amazing wildlife and nature in Borneo is what strives us in doing what we do.

Caring For You In Our Own Way
We bring you to breathtaking places in Borneo - but something lurks within the rainforest!

That said, during your exploration in one of our adventures we are aware of a specifically tiny problem you may encounter. A blood-sucking one. You guessed it, those darn leeches! Borneo is known for its tropical rainforests after all. Where there is rain and moisture in the jungles, there will be leeches.

The infamous Tiger Leech

Fortunately, we provide an essential for you to keep those pesky creatures at bay – our very own Sticky Rice Travel Leech Socks.

Don’t get us wrong, we love all animals of all shapes and sizes, including the leeches. They are part of the jungles we have come to treasure and wish to protect in the island of Borneo. However, we know we do not share the same love for leeches with others, and that’s perfectly ok. Our leech socks are given to you once you have chosen us to plan your holiday. Upon your arrival, our team will give you a warm welcome to this beautiful part of the world and then present you with the leech socks and a reusable water bottle.

Once you are ready to venture into the wild with our Nature Guides, you don’t have to worry as you will already have a pair of new leech socks that you can immediately wear to keep your feet protected from those pesky creatures. Granted, avid travelers will prepare and bring leech socks to their adventures. However it will be different from the socks you already own, because ours are personalized with the Sticky Rice Travel logo! The leech socks are reusable, easy to pack, store, wash and dry, and it is great as souvenirs. 

SRT leech socks
Explore nature without having to worry about leech bites

So if you are concerned about being face to face with leeches in your trip with us, don’t fret. We care about you in our own way. It’s the little things. Not only do we aim to provide meaningful and memorable adventures to you, we also want to make sure you are comfortable, including your feet, to fully enjoy all that Borneo has to offer.

If any of our trips catches your attention, our dedicated team can provide you with more details. Speak with them by emailing or send your enquiry here!