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Perched on the northern tip of Borneo, Malaysia’s easternmost state is a prime destination for adventurous travelers. From majestic mountains to virgin rainforests to turquoise-blue seas, Sabah has it all. It is a paradise for budding naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts alike, with some of the world’s most fascinating flora and fauna, and the cultural diversity of over thirty different ethnic groups will leave you inspired.


On the western side of Malaysian Borneo, Sarawak makes access to Borneo’s natural wonders and cultural riches a breeze. By far the largest state in Malaysia, it packs in a host of national parks which showcase everything from coastal swamp forest to one of the world’s largest cave systems. Along the way you can spot orangutans, proboscis monkeys, langurs, bearded pigs, crocodiles and the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia – which can also be visited on day trips from Kuching, Borneo’s most sophisticated and dynamic city. With plenty of time in the evening to soak up the laid-back atmosphere and enjoy the old colonial charm of its waterfront. 

Everywhere you go, you’ll encounter the warmth, unforced friendliness and sense of humour that make the people of Malaysia’s most culturally diverse state such delightful hosts. With its beguiling tribal cultures and jungled highlands, for the adventurous traveller it’s even possible to visit remote longhouse communities, some of which can only be reached by venturing far upriver.

Let us help you build your dream holiday in Borneo. Sticky Rice Travel designs trips with your specific interests in mind – at all comfort, budget, and adventure levels. Are you a birder in search of Borneo’s endemic species? Or a diver looking for the world’s top dive spots? Maybe you’re looking for both? From beaches to jungles to mountains – and everything in between – we can customize your ideal Borneo holiday. 

Our high quality custom trips let you experience nature in the comfort of tasteful luxury, in secluded destinations, with private viewings of threatened wildlife. Be escorted by expert guides, and travel comfortably via private vehicles, including air transfers. For the adventurous at heart, we can customize a more wild experience, like deep jungle trekking and homestays with remote ethnic groups.

There is a lot to see in Borneo, and a one trip package is definitely not enough. If you have time to explore, check out our multi-day combo packages for a more in-depth experience.

If you are looking for ways to travel responsibly and leave a positive impact on Malaysian Borneo, these programs feature small scale community-run projects that are creating alternative livelihoods for rural and remote communities. Our Give Back itineraries are raw and culturally immersive giving you the opportunity to experience the heart of Malaysian Borneo through its people and the place they call home.