The main attraction of the UNESCO-listed Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve covers an area of 3,500 square kilometers, stretching approximately 120km from north and south, and 40km east and west, encompassing rich biodiversity throughout many vegetation types from tropical lowland forest, hill dipterocarp forest, to upper montane forest. It’s rich with flora and fauna, and a visit here offers the chance to see tropical wildlife not found anywhere else outside of Borneo including endangered species.

Crocker Range Park became a designated forest reserve in 1968, followed by further efforts established in 1984 to protect the water catchment areas that supply drinking water to the west coast and interior of Sabah. Currently protected and managed by Sabah Parks, the park area and boundaries are home to numerous settlements of Kadazandusuns and Murut communities still living traditionally, practicing subsistence shifting agriculture, and hunting.

The Crocker Range receives few visitors, mainly because the spectacular scenery of Kinabalu National Park is the main mountainous draw in Sabah, but also due to limited exposure and shortage of tourism facilities. You can choose from a range of overnight programs including the Salt Trail expedition, Gunung Alab hike, Trusmadi expedition, and traditional Dusun village stay. Or simply head up for for a day trip from Kota Kinabalu to visit the Rafflesia Information Center, Kipandi Butterfly Park, with a dip at Mahua Waterfall to finish your day. Crocker Range Park is also a premier birding destination for spotting Borneo’s endemic montane birds.