The Danum Valley Field Center was established in 1986 as a facility for conducting research and supporting scientists in rainforest studies. Today, it’s one of the leading field centers in Southeast Asia, fully equipped with laboratories, a conference room, researcher living quarters, dorms, camp grounds, and a cafeteria. As a research center first and foremost, it was not originally designed with tourists in mind, but over the years, the privilege of staying there has been extended to keen naturalists and independent travelers.

Our DVFC programs include being paired up with one of our in-house nature guides for the duration of your stay. We pride ourselves on having some of the best guides in the business, and their expertise on the area is second to none. Their ability to find and spot wildlife is exceptional, and their knowledge of the age-old rainforest is top-notch. They’re also just really fun to hang out with!

There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied during your stay – swim in the river to escape the midday heat, and catch a sunrise from atop Bukit Atur. And of course trekking! There are longer hikes for those that are feeling adventurous, and nightly walks for spotting nocturnal creatures. Danum Valley Field Center is recommended for keen naturalists and adventurous travelers who are content with basic, clean, and comfortable facilities.