Forsake - A Shoe For Every Environment

Shoes set to conquer any environment

Owning a pair of shoes that are able to withstand the rowdy and tricky conditions that nature can throw at you seems like wishful thinking but that’s exactly what the founders of Forsake have successfully created; footwear that embodies an incredibly high level of versatility. Faithful to their objective, Forsake have designed shoes for endurance and adaptability to keep your feet in good shape no matter what the journey, be it traveling or outdoor adventures. Two friends, Sam Barstow and Jake Anderson, gave life to the brand after seeding the desire to develop shoes that catered to their great disposition for the outdoors  and came up with the name Forsake – for Sam and Jake

Forsake and Sticky Rice Travel

From mountain trails to jungle exploration Forsake’s got us covered

The strong bond between Sticky Rice Travel and Forsake formed way back and from there, a mutual understanding was born as both the brands watched each other grow and progress, striving towards success becoming the established brands they are today. We are proud to be an ambassador for Forsake because this is a brand we trust being able to stand up to the test no matter what the team throws at their shoes. Whether it’s climbing mountains, trekking through the jungle or strolling the city streets, our feet are kept in good shape no matter what the location. Our guides and drivers are also wearing Forsake keeping our field staff looking sharp and ready to tackle any situation. The fashion sense Sam and Jake invested in their footwear keeps our team members looking on point every time.

Forsake Borneo Trip Competition

The excited duo during their Borneo adventures

Forsake, in conjunction with the Sabah Tourism Board, Sticky Rice Travel and several adventure gear brands came together to organise a Borneo trip giveaway for a lucky couple. The lucky winners, Sarah and Nate, flew over to Borneo for an experience of a lifetime. Other brands that were involved in this collaboration include Gregory Packs, prAna, and Hydro Flask. This trip gave us the opportunity to see Sabah through the eyes of Sarah and Nate as they discover the natural wonders Borneo has to offer to adventure-seekers and wildlife buffs. Borneo can be an unpredictable place offering the perfect opportunity to put the gear through its paces.

The destinations included the Kinabatangan River, Danum Valley and Mount Kinabalu

The couple covered some of Malaysian Borneo’s most iconic destinations making a stop at Supu Camp along the Kinabatangan River, becoming engrossed in the jungle at the Danum Valley Field Centre, and battled a typhoon whilst climbing Mount Kinabalu. Borneo threw just about every condition available at the couple and every step of the way their Forsake’s stood up to the test.

We would like to thank all of the collaborators that were involved in making this trip become a reality, especially the Sabah Tourism Board, who have been instrumental in putting Sabah on the map for international visitors. The couple had all their bases covered with the great gear they were fitted out with and created some life-long memories exploring this incredibly beautiful part of the world.

Believing in a Brand

Forsake's Range Low sneakerboot

Forsake delivers the support and style we seek in a pair of shoes which in turn, allows us to concentrate our attention solely on the journey and satisfying our hunger for adventure and discovery; the type of physical liberation one is often craving for.  Just like our team, you will be more than prepared to tackle any situation the natural world can throw at you when you are geared up with a pair of Forsakes.

Where to deck yourself out in Forsake


High quality footwear guarantee to keep you going no matter the occasion

You can scoot over to their website and check out the wide variety of shoes they offer if you’re keen to get yourself a pair of Forsake shoes. US residents will enjoy the free shipping and return process when purchasing them online as Forsake are selling their footwear mainly in the US. As for those residing outside of the states, returns or exchanges are not available so make sure you have measured your foot right before making your purchase.

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